Audio/Visual Systems

Post install view of an audio/visual projectFeaturing cutting-edge equipment and technologies, Forest Electric New Jersey (Forest NJ) provides a full range of audio/visual (AV) installation and design services.

Our specialty expertise includes AV systems, kiosks, digital signage, video conferencing, paging, and sound masking systems for commercial offices, board/conference rooms, broadcast studios, and more. We also offer the latest in general office automation, as well as automation in large indoor and outdoor gathering spaces. 

Comprehensive AV Installation Solutions

We can custom design AV systems according to the unique needs of your office space or facility, handling everything from wiring and cabling to equipment layout and installation. At Forest NJ, we also go the extra mile, providing value-added services like equipment verification and inventory management.

Our full suite of AV services includes:

  • Installation of cabling and connectors, including copper and fiber cabling 
  • AV control systems and automation 
  • Equipment installation:
    • Microphones
    • Sound speakers
    • Video screens and projectors 
    • Flat screen TVs and video monitors
    • Recording equipment 
    • Paging systems
    • Sound masking systems
  • Design and layout verification 
  • Equipment testing and troubleshooting
  • Equipment inventory maintenance
  • Delivery management, including accepting deliveries and moving racks/equipment to final locations