Our Safety Program

At every level of our organization—from an entry-level electrician to the members of our executive team—safety is a top priority. As one of Forest Electric New Jersey’s (Forest NJ) core values, our commitment to safety is engrained into our culture and a foundation on which the company is built.

Safety doesn’t just happen; it takes hard work and dedication. At Forest NJ, we are tremendously proud of the effort we have put into our safety program—from continuous education to investment in the latest tools and equipment to empowering our foreman to be proactive—which has helped us achieve one of the finest safety records in the industry.

Building a Culture of Safety

We constantly review our safety programs and policies, attend regional and national safety conferences, and incessantly update our practices according to the latest research and best practices. To implement these changes, we employ a safety committee made up of a diverse group of lead foremen, project managers, superintendents, teledata technicians, engineers, estimators, shop warehousemen and drivers. This committee ensures that our safety policies are current and applicable to the ever-changing environment we work in.

We do not, however, hold our Safety Department and field management solely accountable for safety performance. We believe in shared responsibility, and each employee, regardless of position, accepts his or her role in safety and performance. The success of our safety program depends on buy-in from our workforce.

We actively encourage employees to stand up for safety whenever they feel a situation is hazardous or unsafe, and work tirelessly to ensure they have the training, gear, and management backing at their disposal to protect themselves and their fellow-electricians from incidents.  

Zero Injuries is Always the Goal

We have made a firm commitment to the goal of achieving zero injuries so that each one of our employees may return home safely at the end of every day. And, as an EMCOR company, we are proud to be part of a network of contractors and facilities services providers around the country all committed to the same goal.

To achieve this goal, Forest Electric has adopted and adheres to the EMCOR Zero Injury Performance Plan which outlines the following pillars for achieving zero injuries:

  • Management Commitment
  • Staffing for Safety
  • Planning for Safety
  • Safety Education
  • Worker Participation and Involvement
  • Recognition and Reward
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Accident and Incident Investigation
  • Drug and Alcohol Testing

Award Winning Safety Achievement

2023_safety_gold_badge_200.pngAs a testament to the quality of our program, we have been recognized with a Gold Safety Award from Highwire, which are presented to companies who register a score of at least 85 percent on Highwire’s rigorous Safety Assessment Program. The program provides a thorough, objective, and consistent evaluation of safety performance.

Highwire not only accounts for traditional lagging safety indicators like DART and EMR scores, but also makes a robust assessment of a company’s implementation and maintenance of critical safety management systems and protocols. We are proud of this recognition, which demonstrates our team's diligent commitment to safety.