Inside view of the FENJ fabrication shopForest Electric New Jersey (Forest NJ) operates a full-scale, 10,000-square-foot fabrication shop with an additional 30,000 square feet of warehouse space.

The facility is outfitted with the latest fabrication tools and specialty equipment and supported by our in-house virtual construction designers and BIM experts. Our designers work with Revit software to help produce high-quality 3D and 4D design.

Prefabrication is an essential part of our design-build methodology, allowing us to take a forward-looking approach and produce custom solutions that can minimize labor power while resulting in higher quality work. The shop provides our team a controlled environment that, ultimately, helps increase efficiency, improve quality, and promote safety.

Benefits and Advantages of Prefabrication:

  • Custom designed assemblies, conduits, brackets, controls, and more
  • Potential to decrease necessary labor power
  • Greater efficiency and expedited project schedules
  • BIM technology helps avoid clashes and rework
  • Streamlined on-site installation process
  • Less waste and materials on the job site
  • Closely regulated environment for greater quality control
  • Minimizing on-site operations helps decrease potential hazards and increase project safety

Comprehensive Analysis and Project Coordination

It takes expert project management, planning, and coordination to realize the benefits of prefabrication. At Forest NJ, we have the experience and insight to envision a construction project from start to finish, determining which project materials should be prefabricated, at what scale, and exactly when to install them.

Our projects begin with a comprehensive analysis— encompassing financial needs, schedule demands, location and jobsite restrictions, a facility’s architectural and electrical requirements, etc.—which helps us determine what role prefabrication can play and how best to implement these solutions. And, our advanced material-handling processes, close coordination with other contractors, and trusted vendors relationships help us avoid a number of pitfalls common to inexperienced prefabrication departments.

Our Core Prefabrication Offerings:

  • Conduit and raceway support systems
  • Equipment- and device-flexible connection assemblies
  • Panelboard modifications with conduits
  • Pre-punched boxes and brackets
  • Wired and non-wired device assemblies
  • Light fixture preparation
  • Large or small conduit bending
  • Temporary lighting or power
  • Branch circuit home run wiring bundles
  • Conduit sleeves
  • Lighting controls
  • In-wall assemblies
  • Underground conduit systems
  • Threading rigid conduits
  • Spooling of feeders and branch circuits