Aerial view of a sustainable energy solution on the rooftop of a client's facilityModern innovations in energy production and storage have led to a revolution in sustainable technologies and made them more accessible and effective than ever before.

Forest Electric New Jersey (Forest NJ) is at the forefront of a number of growing sustainability-focused sectors in the electrical construction industry. Our sustainability and energy-efficiency experts can install and service photovoltaic equipment, electric vehicle charging stations, cogeneration plants, and various energy-savings systems.


Solar technology is more affordable than ever and, when installed by knowledgeable professionals, can produce significant energy and cost savings for clients in a range of industries.

Our technicians work with clients to specify their energy requirements and create customized strategies that meet power and budget needs, making sure to leverage relevant utilities rebates whenever possible. We can provide a variety of types of solar work and are prepared to adapt as the industry grows and evolves.

Cogeneration Plants

Forest NJ is one of the leading providers of cogeneration plants in New Jersey, having worked on some of the state’s most prominent projects. As a design-build company, we have both the technical knowledge and broad capabilities needed to handle one end of a cogeneration installation to the other, including engineering, equipment procurement, construction, startup, and more.

Electric Car Charging Stations

Forest NJ has installed electric car charging stations all across central and northern New Jersey. We collaborate closely with property owners to ensure the station fits their needs, making site-specific installation plans and working to ensure all associated buildout is provided. Our teams can handle everything from material procurement and distribution to final trim installation and commissioning.

Efficiency Retrofits and Installs

We also offer a number of services aimed at increasing the energy efficiency of your electrical systems, in particular power and lighting retrofits. After a comprehensive system evaluation, we make recommendations—like design improvements or equipment updates—that can help significantly improve the energy efficiency of your lighting, building automation, and lighting and mechanical controls systems.

After selecting improvements that match your energy savings goals, we install and replace any required equipment and assist in documentation needed to receive applicable utility rebates.

Contact Forest NJ today to learn more about any of our sustainable, energy-efficient solutions.